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Stable Products And High-quality Processes Usually Depend On Strict And Accurate Production Quality Inspection And Control


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Since its establishment in 2014, Xi'an Huode Image Technology Co., Ltd. has been pragmatic, deep-rooted and continuous innovation, and is committed to the scientific and innovative research and development of core technology testing, such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, automatic control, intelligent manufacturing, etc; For composite materials, glass fiber, textile industry, food processing, building materials, and other industries, solve the problem of defect detection, customize high-quality and efficient detection systems for enterprises in combination with production, and provide automated intelligent detection equipment and overall solutions.


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Advanced Digital Automation, High-end Machine Vision Technology And Top Scientific Research Achievements Are Used To Provide Excellent Intelligent Detection Equipment And Overall Solutions For Quality Detection Problems In The Production Process.


Business Covers The Whole Country Provinces And Cities And Overseas Countries


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More Than 100 Production Lines Have Been Put Into Use In More Than 20 Enterprises

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We Are Pragmatic, Deep-rooted, And Continuous Innovation. We Solve The Problem Of Defect Detection In The Manufacturing Industry Of Composite Materials, Glass Fibers, Textile Industry, Food Processing, Building Materials, And Other Fields, And Provide Automatic Intelligent Detection Equipment And Overall Solutions.


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We Have Years Of Cooperation Experience With Many High-quality And Powerful Enterprises At Home And Abroad